The restaurant where the violent and viral altercation involving Brother Nature took place has released new surveillance footage that shows the social media star to be the initial aggressor contrary to what video clips suggested in initial reports.

Miami’s La Sandwicherie uploaded several clips from its indoor security cameras while explaining in accompanying captions that Kelvin Pena, best known as Brother Nature, confronted a patron after discovering that he was taking a video of Pena and his female company. This patron, going by the name “D” says he began to record after observing “belligerent” and “drunk” behavior from Pena.

“Brother Nature and a female friend of his were angry at someone who recognized him and took a video of them,” pens the restaurant in an Instagram caption. “They wanted the guy to delete the video. He did not give them his phone so Brother Nature said he wanted to “take it outside”. Our employee tries to keep them separated, one inside and one outside.and also we called the police.”

In a separate clip they would add: “After a few minutes, Brother Nature comes back, rushing inside the store and starts attacking a totally different guy. Brother Nature started the entire altercation.”

Another clip was taken by Brother Nature himself as he exited the restaurant the first time around displays him gesturing to “D” and his companion.

“Dead man. Dead man,” he declares pointing toward the two men.

What took place thereafter are the clips that led this story in which Brother Nature is kicked and stomped and has drinks poured on him.

According to “D,” the restaurant filed self-defense on his behalf with police arrived on the scene.