New Album Review: Award Winning British Composer Ric Mills Unveils Found

After scoring feature films, short films, library music, concert music and achieving significant success,  Australia based composer Ric Mills recently gave us an overwhelming release – quite literally. Unlike his previous compositions, here, Mills is direct, honest, affectionate and charismatic, but always with an underlined emotion and depth of feeling. The first Sonata is given a mastermind treatment of someone who knows the in and outs of the Sonata form. Note how masterful is Ric’s handling of the moment where the recapitulation slowly sneaks in on the listener throughout the album.


Pianistically, the Sonatas can sound too dry if played too cautiously, especially in regards to the instrument pedals. Here, however you can feel Mills hitting just right. Some of the most recent compositions can seem a bit outdated when compared with Found, but with Ric Mills, it appears that he found a good bridge between all versions and generations. A great release.


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