NBA Prospect Lonnie Walker: "The Earth Is Definitely An Illusion"

Former Miami Hurricanes shooting guard Lonnie Walker IV was among the players featured at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, which gave him another chance to prove why he’s worthy a top selection in the June 21st NBA Draft.

The combine also provided Walker the opportunity to express his conspiracies about Earth.

“When you talk about facts and things that nature, it’s amazing to me that we discovered so much about this world yet we don’t know anything this world,” Walker said. When asked if he supports Kyrie Irving’s flat Earth theory, Walker responded, “The earth is not flat, but the Earth, in my conspiracy, the Earth is definitely an illusion.”

Walker, a 19-year old 6’4 guard, averaged 11.5 points and two assists per game for Miami as freshman. He is expected to be a first round pick in the June 21st NBA Draft, with some mock drafts having him going as high as 15th overall.

Check out his comments about Earth, as well as what he’s capable on the court, in the two videos embedded below.