Miley Cyrus Pranks Jimmy Kimmel With Wrecking Ball & Sledgehammer

Jimmy Kimmel is one lucky, or unlucky, man, depending on how you view it. The late-night show host has been pranked three times be lovely ladies who broke into his house. During his monologue on Monday, Kimmel ran through the list celebrities that have pranked him by “colluding” with his wife to sneak into his home. First, Rihanna snuck into Kimmel’s house and turned his bedroom into a club, scaring him out a deep sleep. Then, a year later, Britney Spears pulled f the same prank, with male strippers who climbed on the bed and danced around the late-night show host. Now, Miley Cyrus has completed the pranking trinity by becoming the third women to prank Kimmel while he tried to get some sleep. 

Miley rocked a hard hat and neon safety vest, and stormed into Kimmel’s room with a sledgehammer and dancing crew. As she began to sing her hit song “Wrecking Ball,” Miley took swings at Kimmel’s bed, accidentally hitting him in the balls during the prank. To make matters worse, a large prop wrecking ball appears out nowhere and is lobbed onto the bed while Miley performs and continues to hack away with the hammer. At least it was all in good fun.