Southern California-based tattoo artist Steve Butcher is known for his detailed and realistic work. Fans travel from near and far to spend whatever is required to receive permanent ink from the famed tattooist, and the latest client to schedule a sitting was Matt Barnes. The former NBA star added to his growing collection of tattoos, and this time he paid tribute to the late .

The end of September will mark six months since Nipsey was ruthlessly murdered in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, and in that time, there have been  their favorite tattoo artists to receive ink in tribute to the slain Victory Lap innovator. Even those who never met Nipsey but were inspired by his work in his community have obtained ink, ask well.

Butcher, the artist  in honor of black American icons, created a black and white portrait of Nipsey on the back of Barnes’s hand. The baller shared an image of his new ink on Instagram and caption the photo with the checkered flag and blue heart emojis, iconography that means “The Marathon Continues.” Barnes joins the long list of celebrities who have shared their Nipsey Hussle-inspired skin art, , , , , J.R. Smith, , and . Check out more of Steve Butcher’s impressive work below.