Maine SFSG – Milli

Jacksonville stand up! The Hip-Hop scene is Jacksonville is growing, and one the reasons why is Hip-Hop artist/ So Fly So Gone Music Group’s own Maine SFSG


Maine SFSG is a lyricist from Jacksonville, Fl making waves in all the right circles. So Fly So Gone music group was founded by group member Jermaine Manning in the early 2000’s and growing more and more with each new project created. After founding Precision Studios which has become one the more prominet studios for local artist and visting artist within the Jacksonville, Fl music arena, Maine SFSG is back to focusing on his music and making sure you know his name.


Today, Maine SFSG has dropped f his new video entitled “Milli”. Get familiar with Maine SFSG’s new video “Milli” above. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your music and entertainment news.