Ludwig Göransson Talks Working With Donald Glover & Scoring Black Panther

Ludwig Göransson, Donald Glover‘s chief collaborator on the Childish Gambino Grammy Award-nominated Awaken, My Love! project, has another huge project in the works. In a chat with FADER, the Swedish composer and producer discussed working with Glover and scoring the highly-anticipated Black Panther film.

FADER writes:

Tell me a little bit about how you got involved in scoring Black Panther

It’s incredible. I’ve been working with Ryan Coogler for about eight years now — I scored Fruitvale Station and Creed. He’s an incredible artist and this movie is completely a beast its own. I haven’t really ever seen a big budget Hollywood film with African music. Most the time it’s just Hollywood’s perception what African music is.

Some Göransson’s other projects include working on the music for Glover’s old show, Community, where they first began working together, and other sitcoms like Happy Endings among others. His first big break came during his work with Ben Stiller’s campy comedy, Tropic Thunder.

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