Lil Xan Defiant After Being "Detained" Over Loud Music

It would seem that Lil Xan is going through some hassle with the legislation. Luckily for the rapper, it will seem that the worst case situation is a mildly costly tremendous. According to his personal testimony, Xan was blasting music at his Air B&B, solely to have a neighbor convey the legislation arm of the legislation down upon him. His crime? An abrasively excessive decibel rely. 

Xan took a second to examine in IG, whereas a police officer stands above him. Xan asks whether or not he is being detained, to which the cop seems unwilling to dignify this with a solution. “You’re enjoying loud music,” he says. “Let’s not make this a giant deal.” Xan, nevertheless, is unwilling to let this one slide.  The rapper took to Instagram to supply his aspect of the story, which appeared to point he was handled unfairly from the bounce.

“The solely distinction is, you will have weapons, we do not,” says Xan, although it isn’t fully clear what that has to do with the scenario at hand. “Ya’ll have the factor to kill me, and we do not.” The cop on the scene appears equally confused by Xan’s strategy. “What does that should do with something?” he says, with gentle incredulity. Meanwhile, Xan’s confederate sits stonefaced on the lip of the fountain, seemingly considering on how his life has led him to this precise second in time.

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