Lil Wayne Drops 'Dedication 6: Reloaded' Mixtape –

One month after dropping Dedication 6, Mixtape Weezy is back with Dedication 6: Reloaded, a follow-up project that shows Lil Wayne never left in the first place.

Featuring 19 tracks, the new project is filled to the brim with quotable bars, hard-hitting beats and features from the likes Juelz Santana, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Euro, Lil Twist, Rich The Kid and more. Weezy began promoting the project with his Drizzy-assisted take on JAY-Z's "Family Feud," a cut from Hov's Grammy-nominated 4:44 album.

Next up was "Big Bad Wolf," a cut that found Weezy at his absolute best in terms technical rapping. Attacking a minimalist beat, the Young Money general delivers a stunning display ability.

"I got some hookers hookin' up with some politicians/And some athletes and some college niggas/Send your missus on all kind missions/I'm the sickest nigga skippin' doctors visits/But my pots is pissy, smokin' hockey sticky/Put a stockin' on my face and hit a lick in'/When shit get ugly, I go Pretty Ricky/I don't fuck with rats, neither Minnie, Micky/I don't fuck with cops, that's the Piggly wiggly/Fuck my bitch's friends, and they friendly-friendly," Weezy spits on the song.

Next up was his Juelz Santana-assisted cut, "Bloody Mary," a freestyle session featuring a beat that samples 2Pac's "Hail Mary." Both rappers spazz on the track. There's a lot more where that comes from, too.

Check out Dedication 6: Reloaded for yourself below.

Lil Wayne's Dedication 6: Reloaded Tracklist

1. "For Nothing"
2. "Go Brazy" Feat. Jay Jones
3. "Weezy N Madonna" Feat. Stephanie
4. "Big Bad Wolf"
5. "Sick"
6. "Family Feud" Feat. Drake
7. "Abracadabra" Feat. Jay Jones & Euro
8. "Back From The 80s"
9. "Gumbo" Feat. Gudda Gudda
10. "Drowning" Feat. Vice Versa & Marley G
11. "Back To Sleep"
12. "Thought It Was A Drought"
13. "Don't Shoot Em" Feat. Marley & Rich The Kid
14. "2 Hot For TV" Feat. Lil Twist
15. "Kreep"
16. "Freaky Side"
17. "Main Things"
18. "Light Years"
19. "Bloody Mary" Feat. Juelz Santana