Lil Wayne Denies Claim That He's the Father of a 15-Year-old Boy

Lil Wayne is in a legal battle against a woman who claims he’s the father her 15-year-old child. According to The Blast, Weezy’s legal team has filed a motion to have a DNA test done in a paternity case against him.

Keiotia Watson filed a paternity case back in 2015 claiming she had sexual relations with Wayne in June 2001. Months later, she found out she was pregnant with her now 15-year-old son named Dwayne, which is named after his alleged father, Dwayne Carter (aka Lil Wayne).

Watson soon filed a court order against Wayne seeking child support payments, and when the rapper failed to respond, the judge in the case ordered Wayne to pay her $5,000 every month, beginning January 2016.

Since then, Wayne is now asking a court to schedule a DNA test and put the child support payments on hold until the results are finalized. The "No Frauds" rapper contends that he didn't engage in a sexual relationship with Watson and signed a declaration that reads:

A hearing is scheduled for February which Watson must attend and explain why Wayne's motion should not be granted.

Meanwhile, Maury is willing to cut through the legal malarkey and conduct a paternity test for Lil Wayne. Of course, both parties would have to come on the show to hear the results.

"Lil Wayne] enough with this DNA drama. A DNA test is only a tweet away…Uncle Maury to the rescue!" tweeted someone from Maury's ficial Twitter account.

Attorneys for Lil Wayne had no comment on the matter.

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