Lil Tay Refuses To Give Up The Attitude, Despite Being "Found Out"

Lil Tay may have been found out, with news coming to light that her mom seemingly manipulated and contrived her 9-year old daughter’s rise to virality by asking her former boss to allow her to take a few photos her children with his Mercedes 500 SL. Instead just using the vehicle for an innocent and stagnant photo, Tay broke out on the internet with the help  his fancy whip and a foul mouth. Despite the fact that we seem to all know her entire character is fake, she’s forged onwards, refusing to give up the unnatural posture she’s put on. 

After a brief call for pity and sympathy by way a tearful Instagram video where she claimed to just want to her “make her momma proud,” Tay is back with the attitude in tow. It now seems all the more sad and forced, though. Tay was stopped by a TMZ paparazzo, who asked her to verify if she secured a million-dollar deal with Tunes Headphones, as the rumors might suggest.

“Yeah you know what it is, Lil Tay be closing million dollar deals,” She responded, before continuing, “Why you asking bro, you behind on your rent?” Lest we forget, in that Instagram video mentioned above, Tay says she’s trying to spread positivity. She seems to have an awfully negative way doing it.

Where do you stand in the case the world’s “youngest flexer”?