Lil Pump Gets Rid Of Face Tattoos: "Just Removed All My Face Tats" Video

Lil Pump might need upgraded his humorousness from foolery to irony. The rapper appears to have chosen to get a few of his tattoos eliminated. The timing is attention-grabbing contemplating he simply served time in jail for probation violation and the forms of tattoos he has come from a mode impressed by jailhouse tats. 

The rapper demonstrated his new look with a video. Before chuckling, the rapper states, “I simply eliminated all my face tats.” It’s obvious that this wasn’t stated with 100% accuracy contemplating the truth that the tattoos on his decrease physique have been peeking from his spouse beater. A few his most recognizable ink jobs are lacking, nevertheless. The pink star on his cheekbone and the frowning emoticon between his eyebrows appear to be gone.

Then once more, he may have lined them up with make-up. Fans can by no means so make certain, contemplating the celebs foolish persona.

This might give hope to the likes of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and others who get tattoos they remorse in hindsight of their failed relationships and dangerous choices. Lil Pump makes tattoo removing appear straightforward. That aspiring feminine rapper who acquired “69” tattooed on her brow like Tekashi 6ix9ine may wish to take the cue too.