Lil B Vows To Change Art History With "Platinum Flame" Album

At this point, you’ve either aligned with Lil B’s cult-like status or have opted to ignore him completely. Either way, the rapper remains one hip-hop’s most enigmatic figures. Prone to cursing athletes and referring to himself in the third person, The Based God has continuously maintained a solid track record for his devout following. Coming f the release last year’s Black Ken, Lil B has clearly been hard at work on Platinum Flame. From the sound it, B is really putting in the work on this one; perhaps we’re looking at the crowning achievement the ongoing Flame mixtape series. 

Peep the triumphant announcement penned with the same wide-eyed joie-de-vivre one has come to expect from the Based God. “WOW HISTORY IS ABOUT TO BE MADE!!! MUSIC HISTORY AND ART!!!! LIL B SECOND OFFICIAL MIXTAPE “PLATINUM FLAME” WILL BE COMING OUT ANYDAY NOW!!! WOW!!!! ITS PRODUCED FULLY FRONT TO BACK DOUBLE DISC 28 SONGS BY “THE BASEDGOD” HE ALSO MADE ME PUT THIS OUT ANYDAY NOW!! OXOX.” He ends the excited message by signing his own name, in true dad-testing-out-his-new-phone fashion.

Thank you Based God. Stay tuned for the day reckoning, for his word is gospel.