Lakker to launch new album Época on R&S

Listen to the lead single ‘A Whisper In Your Ear’ now.

Lakker, the Irish techno duo fashioned of Eomac and Dara Smith, AKA Arad, will launch a brand new album on R&S subsequent month.

On Época, the producers use samples of violin, guitar and bodhrán, recordings of household gatherings in Dublin and 1970’s dance music from Jaipur, and make intensive use of their very own voices for the primary time on a Lakker report.

The album displays the duo’s curiosity in ambient and “pure sound”, particularly the background noise heard in outdated recordings of classical and folks music.

Época arrives on on March 15 on R&S Records and is accessible to pre-order now. Check out the album paintings and tracklist beneath.

Lakker to release new album Época on R&S


01. ‘Shoulder To The Bat’
02. ‘100 Bar’
03. ‘Nest’
04. ‘A Juggling Of Numbers’
05. ‘Clavier’
06. ‘Dropped Shoulders’
07. ‘A Whisper In Your Ear’
08. ‘Body From The Water’
09. ‘Murmuration’
10. ‘Discourage It All’

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