Kurtis Blow Says Future "Should Get More Respect Than He Does"

Kurtis Blow is the man that brought us “The Breaks” and “If I Ruled the World” and for that, he goes down as a legendary hip-hop MC. The 58-year-old recently hopped on to talk about the current landscape hip-hop and acts that he thinks deserves more recognition. 

Answering questions from other users, Kurtis explained how his success in the genre is a dream come true for him. “I am actually proud to be in hip-hop,” he wrote. “It is the #1 genre in the world. 25% all music streamed is hip-hop, and everyone involved should get the credit and the props, and my hat goes f to everyone involved who made it the success it is today.”

Of course, lots users wanted to know his thoughts on current hip-hop emcees and Kurtis named Kenrick Lamar as a favourite “new school rapper” and cited Future as an underrated cat. “I’d say Future should get more respect than he does,” he added. “He’s an incredible rapper that doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Maybe even David Banner, whose activism doesn’t get enough attention.” He was even open to the idea a collab adding: “Future, call me! I’m down.” 

When asked about his opinion on artists such as Young Thug, Kurits said: “To each man his own. We are all blessed with a talent given to us by God. Let that man live!”

Throughout the whole conversation with fans and hip-hop heads, Kurtis maintained a positive attitude to every question and only time will tell if Future gives him a ring.