She may have received some bounceback from the public after partnering with President Donald Trump in her prison reform efforts, but you won’t see West apologizing over meeting with America’s controversial leader. and releases of multiple inmates, and although her alliance with the billionaire my rub people the wrong way, Kim isn’t budging.

Kim Kardashian West Is Unapologetic About Meeting With President Trump At The White House
John W. Ferguson/Getty Images

“I focus on prison reform and the President has done amazing things in prison reform,” she said at The New York Times’ DealBook Conference. “I will also speak up whenand that could be immigration or other things. I’m very focused, there’s a lot that we have to get done in prison reform and I believe I will be more beneficial if I just focus on that at the moment. So I’m grateful for that relationship in that area and I focus on that.”

Kim admitted that there were people who were actively vocal in telling her not to go to the White House. “That didn’t make sense to me because I was like, if someone can get out of prison and get their life back versus my reputation of going to the White House — when there is only one person — and that was even a question for the media, that just absolutely didn’t make sense to me.” The reality star mogul said it didn’t matter who was in the Oval Office, she would “see anyone in power” who had the authority to get the job done.