Kelis Says Nas Paying $96K A Year In Child Support Is Not Enough

Kelis says Nas’ child support payments for their son, Knight, are no longer enough. Currently, she is receiving $8,000 a month. 

That adds up to $96,000 a year, for an 8-year-old. In most cities besides NYC and LA, and only if you give no f*cks about budgeting, that’s quite a healthy living wage. Just saying.

Reports TMZ:

Kelis just filed legal docs saying $8k a month ain’t cuttin’ it anymore in the child support department. She says 8-year-old Knight has needs he didn’t have 5 years ago when the order was put in place.

She says Nas is doing way better now than he was when the judge ordered him to cough up the $8k monthly support, so he’s more than able to foot the bill for various expenses.

She’s not specific as to how much more she wants, but whatever she gets, she wants add-ons to the base … namely, 50% school-related costs, 50% any child care Kelis needs, and 50% unreimbursed health care.

At least Kelis is looking for half the expenditures, but sheesh.

Safe bet Nas will do all he can for his kid. But will he get an accounting on how all that dough is spent? For tax purposes, course.