Kanye West's Action Plan: "Building A Fireproof Community"

Although Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s residence was inevitably saved by a privately-hired firefighting squad, the controversial rapper-mogul is not speaking spreading his zeal on “fireplace prevention.”

Kanye put ahead 4 easy phrases in a written response to the California Wildfires that nearly ravaged his residence: “Building a fireproof neighborhood,” together with his technique of conveyance the one factor muting the conviction in his voice, this time round. 

His plea to construct a fireproof terrace is moderately telling. The notion of neighborhood continues to be necessary to Kanye West, however the setting has modified, and so have his values. There comes a degree the place trendy decadence and useful resource administration can change into too arduous to manage directly, with out divine intervention. If the members of his gated neighborhood can afford to rent non-public firewagons, ought to we hassle to divert our consideration? Is Kanye talking for the frequent Californian, or merely out of comfort, self-interest?

Regardless of what Kanye West thinks, the California Wildfires have actually taken their toll. Mobile firehouses from outer states have been mobilized to assist within the disaster, together with the non-public forces I discussed earlier than. But keep in mind, Kanye West is not completely off-base; any disaster intervention of this magnitude will definitely engender a series response on the legislative stage.