Judge Rules That Tupac’s Break-Up Letter To Madonna Can Be Auctioned Off

Madonna’s secret relationship with Tupac Shakur was the stuff legends back in the 90’s.  While there’s little to no evidence their love affair, there is a break-up letter that Tupac wrote to Madge that’s about to hit the auction block despite efforts from Madonna to keep that from happening.

According to the New York Daily News, Madonna’s break-up note from Tupac along with other personal items are about to be sold to the highest bidder after a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled in favor Madge’s former friend Darlene Lutz and online auction house Gotta Have It!, who currently possess Madonna’s personal items and plan on banking on her iconic history.

Yesterday (April 23), Justice Gerald Lebovitz ruled that aside from waiting too long to sue for her belongings back after they’d been out her possession for so long, under a 2004 kiss-f agreement with Lutz, the “Material Girl” singer forfeited her right to claw back her private items. Personal belongings that included items like her brush and satin panties, old cassettes, photos, and course, the letter in which Tupac said “adios.”

While Madonna says that some the items are “highly confidential and embarrassing,” you’d have to wonder who in their right mind would hand over such things to anyone in the first place. You basically did it to yourself, Madge.

Meanwhile, the 1995 break-up letter in question should be the gem the show as in it Pac explains that society’s perception a young Black man dating an older white woman played a role in his decision to end things. Tupac was in his early 20’s while Madonna was in her mid 30’s at the time.

Now the question that remains is who’s going to dish out the paper to own a piece pop culture history? Maybe the same person who bought that Tupac sex tape?

Photo: Getty