John Legend Has Some Choice Words To Describe Roseanne Barr

The fallout Roseanne Barr getting her revived sitcom Roseanne cancelled after a series racist tweets has been divisive. There are those who supported her firing, such as T.I., and others who consider it to be an overreaction, such as T.I.’s wife, Tiny. On her end, Roseanne has opted to blame Ambien for her behavior, but otherwise expressing regret over her actions. 

John Legend is a typically outspoken individual, but he had yet to comment on the Roseanne cancellation, until now, that is. TMZ caught up with John, Chrissy Teigen, and their daughter Luna leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday, where John was asked about Roseanne’s behavior. 

While making their way to the car, the couple rush to strap their daughter into a child seat, all while surrounded by several paparazzi peppering them with questions. The couple remains silent for the most part, with Chrissy taking the time to sign a autograph for a fan. Just before he gets in the car, however, John gives his take on the recent controversy. 

“Roseanne’s a racist idiot,” John says. 

The photographers in the video seem much more excited about his statement that John does, with one them even throwing their fist in the air in celebration. The infamous tweet Roseanne wrote called a black former Obama aide was the “muslim brotherhood & planet the apes had a baby,” so that first point isn’t in contention. She also got her show cancelled over it, so idiot probably applies nicely as well.