Jacquees Arrested Overnight For Speeding In Atlanta

Cash Money singer, Jacquees, was arrested and held overnight last night in Atlanta. 

According to WSB-TV 2, Jacquees was speeding down the street in his hometown. According to the Atlanta police, he was pulled over after a radar gun caught him going 116 mph on the I-85, well over the enforced speed limit. After he was pulled over, police reportedly found three grams weed in his car, which was enough to bring him in to the station. 

It seems that the one thing Jacquees can’t catch is a break. A little under two weeks ago that Jacquees was arrested in a Milwaukee airport, reportedly for disorderly conduct and disrespecting a police ficer. The singer apparently told the ficer “fuck you” numerous times, and also referring to him as a “just a white boy with a badge.” While he may not have been entirely wrong in his description, that’s still sure to make a police ficer mad at you. However, the incident didn’t result in anything too serious, as Jacquees still managed to make his headlining spot at the “Mother’s Day Affair” where he was performing the very same day.

While there’s no word on what charges Jacquees will face, if any, he may want to consider taking it easy and avoiding trouble with the authorities for the time being. The singer has been dropping music at a steady pace, and will be making appearances at music festivals this summer, so hopefully nothing happens to get in the way that.