Instagram Pulls Blackface Picture Of Drake From Pusha T's Account

Following Pusha T’s response track “The Story Adidon,” the Hip Hop world is trying to decide if the accusations in the lyrics or the artwork for the song is more scathing.

For those late to the show, someone is working overtime to remove any ficial pro the blackface photoshoot Drake in a Jim Crow shirt as it already has been taken down by Instagram from Pusha’s account.

The Jim Crow shirt was part the 2008 Summer collection from Too Black Guys.

The image and link to the original source is still live on Pusha’s Twitter. Photographer David Leyes, who took the picture, asked Pusha’s manager Steven Victor to take it down on Twitter. Leyes’ tweet has since been deleted. The picture is no longer available on Leyes’ website either.

Instagram Pulls Blackface Picture Of Drake From Pusha T's Account

On Leyes’ Instagram, users have been hounding him for answers as to why the photoshoot even took place and what the original inspiration for it was. On his most recent post, he tells one person, “ask Drake … I captured his idea.” Then when someone else suggests he could’ve denied taking the pictures, Leyes replies, “hell no !!! For sure I took it!!! I’m proud to be part a strong statement made by a black man about the fucked up culture he is living in.”

Check out the original photos from the shoot below. HipHopDX has reached out to Leyes for comment.