#implurntXCLUSIVE: J57 Premieres ‘We Can Be Kings’ Album

Veteran rapper/producer J57 is showing f his skills on the mic and behind the boards on his new solo album We Can Be Kings, which drops Monday (November 11). Ahead its ficial arrival, the Brown Bag AllStars and Jamo Gang member debuts an advance stream the entire LP on implurnt.

The 11-track project features collaborations with Ras Kass and El Gant Jamo Gang, The Audible Doctor and DeeJay Element BBAS, Choosey, Sid Wilson Slipknot and more. Production is handled entirely by J57.

“I do the boom bap thing with Brown Bag AllStars, Jamo Gang or with my collaborative albums,” he tells DX. “I’m a very eclectic music listener. I also create music outside Hip Hop, but everything I touch has the DNA boom bap hip-hop in it, even if it isn’t easily detected. My solo material is a mix all my favorite genres music that I grew up listening to: Jazz, Indie, Alternative, Rock, Stadium Pop, Southern Hip Hop, but it’s all rooted in traditional Hip Hop.”

He adds, “When I do my solo thing, I bring in a ton singers, musicians, sometimes co-producers and a few MCs. I approach my solo material with the attempt making the best music I can make, with no specific genre in mind … it just happens to be genre-bending and I love that.”

Check out J57’s We Can Be Kings stream, cover art and tracklist below.

#implurntXCLUSIVE: J57 Premieres 'We Can Be Kings' Album

1. Live Your Life / I-75 Music f. Katiah One
2. Skywalk / Geminarius f. The Audible Doctor
3. Afterburner f. Jamo Gang
4. Peter Venkman / Silhouettes
5. Doc Brown / Glory f. Devin Malek
6. Lana
7. Dynasty XIX f. DeeJay Element, Tenacity & Ports
8. We Can Be Kings. f. Akie Bermiss & Choosey
9. The Loner f. YAYennings & SID
10. Polaris f. Aerika Monique
11. Stvrs f. Tiffany Topol, Matt Stamm & Eliot Glazer