Game of The Year?: Kratos Is Back Issuing Fades On PS4 In New ‘God of War’, Twitter Says It’s A Masterpiece

God War‘s return to consoles has been long anticipated and that we are just days away from the epic game’s release the reviews are pouring in and they are all positive.

Looks like we got a clear contender for the title Game The Year already.

The new God War isn’t the typical Kratos adventure where the vengeful warrior is out for blood and destroying all foes in his way. He is now joined by his son Atreus and is as much a conflicted father as he is warrior trying to build a relationship with his son while helping him deal with the loss his mother. With the game’s release date 4/20 right around the corner, those who had the privilege to embark on Kratos’new journey early are reaping nothing but high praise for Sony Santa Monica Studios game.

Gaming insiders are taking to their Twitter accounts to let their timelines know just exactly how great the game is. Game Informer Magazine’s executive editor Andrew Reiner is already claiming the game is a masterpiece in his tweet and one his favorite games this generation.

IGN’s executive editor, Andrew Goldfarb called the game a “masterpiece” and the “best looking game on PS4” and also pointing out that it has his “favorite game story in years.”

Wow, that’s some deep praise for a game. Even the head Xbox, Phil Spencer had to acknowledge all the praise Sony’s upcoming exclusive is receiving on his Twitter account.

What a good sport. God War is currently already holding a very impressive 94 Metacritic score based f most perfectly reviews from popular video game publications.

PlayStation’s 2018 is f to a great start already and Kratos is the perfect choice to lead the charge. This game should definitely hold gamers over until Spider-Man arrives.

To see more praise from the masses hit the flip and you might want to head to your nearest Gamestop or log onto the PS Store to pre-order yourself a copy.

Hey Sony can we get an early copy or nah?

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty