G Herbo Victimized By His Son's Vomit

G Herbo thought he was about to partake in a wholesome embrace with his son but Yosohn Santana Wright had other plans in mind. The fateful event I’m about to explain was documented by a witness (likely baby mom) and went straight to press without a second thought. Baby Yosohn somehow climbs to the top rope and yacks atop his father’s Benjamin Franklin-themed head wrap. Unfortunately the residue spills over to Herbo’s cheekbones where it then congeals.

Herbo and his fiancee Ariana Fletcher welcomed their ever-imposing child to the world in April. The child’s given name had to be fully explained in a press flyer, after Herbo grew tired of hearing its mispronunciation. Consider yourself warned: “Sound it out. Yo-sohn! You know how to spell John?” Herbo said social media. “J-o-h-n. So, y-o-s-o-h-n is Yosohn!” 

Because of the child’s already imposing figure, G Herbo has him pegged for NBA ready once he becomes draft-eligible. Yosohn was born  8Lbs, 14Oz and 21 Inches tall, stats that put the toddler far ahead in his development. The giant-sized has figured in G Herbo’s promotional run for his new album