Funkmaster Flex Questions Peter Rosenberg’s Hip-Hop Credentials

Looks like Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex and Peter Rosenberg are about to engage in some in-house drama.

Things began to take shape a few weeks ago when out nowhere Funk Flex decided to take to Twitter to call out rappers for stealing A$AP Rocky’s style and named Travis Scott as one the culprits.

When Peter Rosenberg took to the airwaves he openly questioned why Funk Flex would be willing to “start making problems in real life with an important artist in the culture” if it’s not a personal issue with the OG DJ. Ultimately Rosenberg concluded that Flex was doing nothing more than trying to get a social media conversation started on his page but felt that playing rap artists against each other is uncalled for.

After a few days silence, Funk Master Flex decided to air out his “son” Peter Rosenberg and called out his Hip-Hop credentials while reminding everyone his Hip-Hop OG status.

Talking about what they were doing in the late 90’s, Flex insinuated that Rosenberg was a lame surfer dude who “was playing Tribe Called Quest B-sides, I was packin’ The Tunnel, making the city pop with the station on my back.” Flex didn’t stop there and continued to paint a picture a Chevy Chase, Maryland nerd turned “fake historian.”

While Flex didn’t come f like he was ready to put hands on the Maryland native and ultimately did extend an olive branch at the end, he did go f on him. Check out the audio below and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

Photo: Instagram