FACT combine 688: Steve Hauschildt

Producer Steve Hauschildt assembles a various mixture of IDM, jazz, funk, folks and early electronics.

Back within the mid-2000s, the musical panorama was fairly completely different from how it’s at the moment – within the underground, CDRs and cassettes dominated supreme. And whereas there was a dense crowd of ragtag American acts spilling their nervousness in editions of 30, a number of distinct acts stood head and shoulders above the remaining.

Cleveland’s Emeralds have been among the many most distinguished outfits of the period, and helped re-ignite curiosity in synthesizer music with their hypnotic Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream-influenced drones. Established in 2005 by John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire, the trio launched a now-legendary catalogue of albums, EPs and splits earlier than bringing the venture to an abrupt shut in 2013.

Since then, Steve Hauschidlt has been working alone, melting Emeralds’ blissful synth meditations into new kinds, bringing in affect from IDM, dub techno, dream pop and R&B. In 2016, he launched Strands, certainly one of FACT’s prime releases of that yr, and final yr adopted it up with Dissolvi on the Ghostly imprint.

Hauschildt’s most high-profile launch thus far, Dissolvi contained dreamy collaborations with vocalists GABI and Julianna Barwick and dipped additional into pop territory. On his FACT combine, he manages to discover his musical historical past virtually fully, drifting from pensive IDM (Gescom, Brothomstates) to classic electronics (Roland Kayn, Kraftwerk), hazy pop (Cocteau Twins), scorching R&B (Prince, Janet Jackson) and no matter else is within the listening pile.


Francis Dhomont – ‘Les Enchantements De L’Imagination’
Interior – ‘Park’
Gilius Van Bergeijk – ‘Pro Juventute’
V.D.B. Joel – ‘Dead End’
Gescom – ‘Cicada’
Brothomstates – ‘Loose Fit’
The Tallis Scholars – ‘Palestrina – Missa Papae Marcelli – Kyrie’
Jon Appleton & Don Cherry – ‘BOA’
Proem – ‘Invisible For All’
Kraftwerk – ‘Sex Object (demo)’
Prince – ‘Do Yourself A Favor (demo)’
Erdaf Emlyn – ‘Ar Lan y Môr’
Richard Burmer – ‘Under Shaded Water’
Bochum Welt – ‘Chicago’
Mr. Projectile – ‘Love Here’
Takagi Masakatsu – ‘Eau’
Cocteau Twins – ‘Pink Orange Red (Acoustic Version)’
Guy Reibel – ‘On Eût Dit Des Coups D’Ailes – IV’
Mika Vainio – ‘Huone 11’ [Room 11]
Janet Jackson – ‘Put Your Hands On’ (unreleased)
Roland Kayn – ‘Formantes 1’
Patty Waters – ‘Moon, Don’t Come Up Tonight’
The Free Design – ‘Love Does Not Die’
The Gap Band – ‘I Want A Real Love’
Judee Sill – ‘Lady-O (Live in London)’
B.E.F. feat. Glenn Gregory – ‘Perfect Day’