East African Bubble Booty Bombshell Sanchi Will Get Your Attention [PHOTOS]

Not to objectify our sisters who hail from the continent Africa, but the motherland is home to women who have gravity-defying curves, especially in East Africa. Tanzania’s Sanchoka, also known as Sanchi, sports one the largest backsides we’ve ever featured on Baes and Baddies and it apparently runs in the family.

Sanchi has become something a celebrity by way showing f her thunderous booty cheeks on the ‘Gram, and even put her mom’s backside on her page to let folks know the apple, no pun intended, didn’t fall far from the tree. Aside from stunting in revealing gear, Sanchi also works as a brand ambassador and holds a business degree. She is the CEO Golden Eye Traders and works in a variety capacities in the world trade, so it’s not just big booty but big brains too.

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Photo: Instagram