Since 2016, has been reassuring people that his television series based on the Black Mafia Family will come to fruition. , one of the former ringleaders of BMF, a drug trafficking organization that formed in the early 80’s and became affiliated with the hip hop industry when it peaked in the 2000’s. B.M.F. would be part of his multi-show deal with the Starz Network, alongside his popular series, Power. The latest updates on the B.M.F.‘s production were when  – and when he . 

Now, new details about the show are spreading, making it even more anticipated. According to OnSmash, rumors are circulating that will have a hand in the project as a producer. Drake is becoming more experienced in the field of television, as he serves as an executive producer on , and on . With all these big names attached to B.M.F., which already has an enthralling storyline, it will surely burst right out of the gate whenever it does premiere.