Drake beefing with The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano: “Your existence is a light 1″

Drake is making headlines again for his latest beef, but this time he isn't embroiled in a feud with a fellow rapper, but instead with a music critic. YouTuber Anthony Fantano called Drake's latest album, Honestly, Nevermind, "NOT GOOD" in his review in June, writing, "Drake continues downhill on Honestly, Nevermind." On Friday morning (9/16), Fantano tweeted a screenshot of Instagram DMs he said he received from the rapper, writing, "Drake I love the message. Keep up the good work, buddy" while blurring out the text in the DMs.

Fantano also posted a new video where he jokes that Drake sent him a vegan cookie recipe, which he goes over in great detail:

Drake responded by sharing his actual messages to Fantano in an Instagram story. "Your existence is a light 1," he wrote to Fantano, playing off his rating system. "And the 1 is cause you are alive. And cause you somehow wifed a black girl. I'm feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence."

Drake Instagram story Fantano

Fantano, who has been trending on Twitter all morning, has posted a bunch more responses to the situation on social media, too:

Will Drake respond? Stay tuned…