Don C Got A Personalized Pair of All-White Off-White Air Jordan 1’s

Last year’s Air Jordan Off-White 1‘s were all the rage in the sneaker world and while 90% sneakerheads caught L’s trying to copp them that certainly isn’t going to deter from trying to copp this year’s all-white version.

Hype is already starting to build around the all-white variant versions to Virgil Abloh’s already classics and from the looks   Don C’s personalized pair, with good reason. So fresh and so clean like something out the A, these Off-White’s were made to make hot summer days feel as cool as ice.

No details yet on a release date or if these 2018 grails will even be anything more than a friends and family affair, but do expect another round L’s being dished out by Jumpman should these see the light day.

Check out pics the deconstructed new classics below and let us know if you’d be interested in copping.

Photo: Nike