DJ Khaled “Got Rid Of” 26 Pounds Since Joining Weight Watchers

Like the Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, and Fat Joe before him, DJ Khaled’s love handles have become synonymous with his celebrity (even though he never added “Big” or “Fat” to his moniker).

But things done changed and ever since he became the new social media ambassador for Weight Watchers weight loss program, the Miamian told PageSix that he’s dropped 26 pounds thanks to their “freestyle” point system.

“The freestyle program is doing real big. It’s a real lifestyle because all you have to do is not go over your point total]. And there are so many zero points foods] in case you get hungry. I got the freestyle dance.”

And for anyone congratulating Khaled on his body transformation, choose your words carefully because as we all know, all he does is win.

“I got rid – I don’t lose. All I do is win – you know what I mean.”

Point taken.

Now our only question is how long before he turns Fat Joe into Normal Weight Joe?