Denzel Curry Teases New Single, Talks Mental Health With Peter Rosenberg

Denzel Curry may be sitting on his masterpiece Taboo, but it would appear the project is progressing as usual. After teasing the upcoming “Sumo” remix, Denzel has confirmed that a new single called “Percs” will be dropping on Friday, May 25th. Now, the rapper hit up Real Late With Peter Rosenberg to chop it up with the Hot 97 host. When asked if “Percs” is about the obvious topic percocets, Denzel opts to answer a question with a question. “Is it about percocets?” he ponders, prompting a Three Stooges-esque back and forth between himself and Rosenberg. Eventually, however, Curry opens up about mental health, an issue he clearly feels strongly about.

“I know you are big on talking about mental health,” says Rosenberg, “so it wouldn’t surprise me if you were delving into a topic like that.” Denzel seems to open up, confirming “yeah, you got to in these days, you know? You got everybody doing drugs and all that shit. If you do drugs, you do your shit, to each his own. But when you overdo it, it’s a concern, and you project it to all these muthafuckin’ kids and shit…they feel like drugs is the only way out that shit.”

Is Denzel sitting on his own variant “1985”? Find out Friday. For more from Denzel, including the double-edged sword  phone addiction, fathering SoundCloud rap, and course, new music, peep the whole video below.