Detroit hip hop group D12 had plans of reaching superstardom when they came together in the mid-nineties. reached success as a solo artist and wanted to make sure his friends were right alongside him, so he promoted D12 at every step of his career. They managed to  but they never were able to climb the heights of Slim Shady.

After was shot and killed at a Detroit bar in 2006, it seemed as if D12’s hiatus was becoming a permanent breakup. However, they found themselves and dropped a mixtape in 2015. Since then, a few members, including Bizarre, have been focused on solo careers, and in a recent interview, the rapper reflected on his time on the road with the likes of , , and . 

When asked what it was like recording in the studio with Em, there were two words to describe Bizarre’s experience. “Hell. Torture,” he said. “Marshall is a tyrant in the studio. He’s a perfectionist. You could be in the booth doing your verse for three or four hours ’til you get it right. Every word, every sentence it has to be perfectand we came back, we had went Christmas shopping. We came to the studio, this dude, he did my adlibs. It sounded just like me.” Bizarre laughed at the memory and said, “But it was fun though.”

Elsewhere, Bizarre talked about the loss of his good friend Proof.  “He never wanted to feel like he was Hollywood. He stayed in the hoodest clubs. He ain’t wanna go to no nothin’, he wanted to be in the thick of things. He wanted to be so much in the thick of things that when he passed away, out in the suburbs and Proof was in a one-bedroom apartment in the city. He hated the suburbs.” Watch the video below to get more gems from Bizarre’s interview.