Chianne Is All Bout love In Her Debut Hit Single “Return To Love”

Singer songwriter Chianne is releasing her debut single this week and it is titled “Return To Love”. The LA based artist’s voice, capable of quickly shifting between a lower vocal register and a much higher one, remains a vitalizing force over “Return To Love”’ meditations on love and self-discovery.

In “return To Love”, she traces the state of mental strength that follows the realization of self-love, anchored by spacious piano progressions and intoxicating smooth beats. The production throughout is astounding, only to shed light on her message to the world.

“We’re living in the times in which we get to realize that our fears are far behind us as we return to love.

We can be who we really are and choose to trust. The fears will fade away in the face of love.”

A pioneer of what she calls “conscious pop”, Chianne is making a remarkable debut with her deep songs and catchy melodies.

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