Celestial Trax returns with new album Serpent Power

Listen to a brand new observe, ‘Underwater Garden’, now.

Celestial Trax, aka Joni Judén, will return along with his second full-length, Serpent Power. The album was recorded over a 12-month interval on the artist’s return to his native Finland.

Using synthesizers, tape machines, impact models, voice, in addition to electrical and acoustic guitar, Judén pursues a extra natural method to manufacturing on his sophomore album: “I needed this document to current itself extra like paint on canvas”, he says, “somewhat than an excessively edited digital picture.”

Serpant Music arrives on February 22 the artist’s newly launched True Aether imprint. The album shall be accessible on digital, cassette and restricted version handmade USB, comprised of Finnish juniper, birch, pine, spruce or aspen in Finland. Each restricted version bundle additionally features a one-of-a-kind polaroid taken by the artist.

Check out the quilt artwork, tracklist and re-visit the genre-bending FACT combine from Celestial Trax, under.

Celestial Trax returns with new album Serpent Power
Image by: Anita Naukkarinen


01. ‘Aura Cleansing’
02. ‘Underwater Garden’
03. ‘Sinking Through a Surface’
04. ‘Offline Offscreen’
05. ‘Way In is the Way Out’
06. ‘Suspend Midair’
07. ‘Peace’
08. ‘Healing (Garden Redux)’
09. ‘Blossoms within the Blue Sky’
10. ‘In the End We Ascend’

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