Carlos Niño preps new LP ft. Shabaka Hutchings, Laraaji, Sam Gendel, Dntel & more (stream a track)

Jazz musician/producer Carlos Niño will follow up last year’s Chicago Waves with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (which the duo recorded live in Chicago as an opening set for Makaya McCraven, whose band both musicians also played in) with a Carlos Niño & Friends album, More Energy Fields, Current, on May 7 via International Anthem (pre-order). Those friends include Shabaka Hutchings, Laraaji, Sam Gendel, Dntel, and more, and the first single is the gorgeously meditative “Pleasewakeupalittlefaster, please…,” which was made with Jamael Dean on piano/organ and Nate Mercereau on guitar. Listen and check out the tracklist/credits below.

1. Pleasewakeupalittlefaster, please…
Jamael Dean – Piano and Organ
Nate Mercereau – Guitar
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Mixing, Editing

We’re all in this together. I look forward to living in a much higher, much more conscious, harmonious state, here, with You, on this Magical Planet Earth.

2. The World Stage, 4321 Degnan Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90008
Sam Gendel – Alto Saxophone and Pedals
Jamael Dean – Piano
Randy Gloss – Hybrid Drum Set
Carlos Niño – Percussion

Recorded and Mixed by Tomoaki Soto from Sunday, November 24, 2019

3. Nightswimming
Dntel – Modular Synthesizer
Jamael Dean – Piano
Jira >< – Beats
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Sound Design, Mixing, Editing

4. Now the background is the foreground.
Adam Rudolph – Drum Machine, Multi-Instruments and Production
Aaron Shaw – Tenor Saxophone
Jamael Dean – Yamaha DX7
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Mixing, Editing

Thanks to Silvia Bianchi and La Terraza Magnetica / Madrid

5. Thanking The Earth
Sam Gendel – Vibraphone
Nate Mercereau – Guitar Synth, Multi-Instruments and Production
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Field Recordings, Mixing

Thanks to Ishmael Butler

6. Salon Winds
Jamire Williams – Drums, Painting
Nate Mercereau – Guitar Synth World
Jamael Dean – Prophet Keyboard
Aaron Shaw – Flute and Tenor Saxophone
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Mixing

Recorded by Jason Lader on Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Thanks to Travis Lett, Mike D and Tamara Davis

7. Ripples, Reflection, Loop
Laraaji – Zither and Voice
Jamael Dean – Electric Piano
Sharada – Voice
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Sound Design, Mixing, Editing

Thanks to Alex Kelman of Third Side Music

8. Togetherness
Devin Daniels – Alto Saxophone
Jamael Dean – Electric Piano
Carlos Niño – Synthesizer, Percussion, Mixing

9. lasos 79 ‘til Infinity
Carlos Niño – Synthesizer, Chimes and Collage

Invite them in, say, “Yes, Come.”

10. Please, wake up.
Shabaka Hutchings* – Tenor Saxophone
Jamael Dean – Piano and Synth
Carlos Niño – Percussion, Mixing, Editing

Based on a Duet by Shabaka and Carlos recorded by Andy Kravitz
at Studio 4 West on Monday, March 11, 2019
Thanks to Scottie McNiece

*Shabaka Hutchings appears courtesy of Impulse!