Cardi B Talks Trina, Al B. Sure! & Stripping for Offset in Nardwuar Interview

Before turning Coachella into Boachella, Cardi B had a laugh-filled interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Their conversation, which took place during Coachella, mainly focused on stripping, but also included references to Offset, Trina, Al B. Sure! and more.

One Nardwuar’s gifts was Ann Corio’s How to Strip for Your Husband: Music to Make Marriage Merrier, but the engaged rapper said she doesn’t need that vinyl in her collection. “I don’t need this. I know how to. Look at my ring,” she said, flashing the glacier. “What does that tells you? It tells you I don’t need this right here.”

Cardi B celebrated other musicians during the interview. She rapped along to Trina’s “Nasty Bitch” and sang the lyrics to Al B. Sure!’s “Nite and Day.” She said the latter might even make it to her wedding with Offset.

The Invasion Privacy star hadn’t heard the ’90s group H.W.A. or Hoez With Attitudes, but said she was interested in them f top. “I never really heard about them but I already like them,” she explained. “Hoez With Attitudes. See, I gotta listen to them. Maybe I can get inspiration from them. This is the type people that I like. Not afraid to be themselves.”

Before closing out the Q&A, Cardi B also had some parting words for her haters and appreciators. “I want to tell the people out there thank you for supporting me. If you don’t, suck my dick,” she said. “I know you think because I’m a woman, I don’t have a dick, but I have a pink dildo in my dresser.”