Cardi B Says Trump “Out His Mind” For Suggesting Teachers Carry Guns

The recent school shooting in Parkdale, Florida rightfully has everyone on edge as they try and dissect what happened in the horrific incident. With the gun control debate afoot, Cardi B chin checks President Donald Trump’s suggestions that teachers be armed inside public schools.

President Trump made the suggestion that teachers who are armed in schools could receive bonuses and went as far to say it should be developed into a real policy during a Thursday discussion the matter.

The quip from Trump caught the eyes Cardi B, who commented her Instagram page in her usual, no holds barred fashion.

“Imagine a old ass female teacher bussing a burner.] This man really out his mind. America must be entertainment to other countries, the “Bodak Yellow” star wrote.

This is what a person with layers looks like, people. Salute to Cardi B.

Photo: Getty