Cardi B Addresses Pregnancy Rumors, Nicki Minaj & Lauryn Hill’s Cosign [VIDEO]

Invasion Of Privacy is finally here and Cardi B is an open book on her promotional tour. She gave some much needed updates on a recent interview with Beats 1.

In a poolside one on one with Ebro the Bronx native spoke about the biggest elephant in the room which is the ongoing rumor she is preggo with Offset’s child.  “I have been so open to people about myself, people cannot expect me to open up about everything. Certain things have to be private. You cannot invade my damn privacy. I’m not a damn animal at the zoo, that you just could see everything.”

Speaking her man she also confirms that “Be Careful” is not about the Migos member. “I wasn’t talking about Offset. I was just talking about things I relate to, that have happened to me. I heard the record before I even was in love with Offset” she explained.

She also details how Lauryn Hill gave her approval the record which interpolates “Ex Factor” on the bridge. “This is Lauryn Hill. For her to approve it, it’s the biggest stamp to it. Nobody can talk shit about this record to me. The sensei approved it.”

Naturally Nicki Minaj also came up and Bardi once again nixed all the speculation a beef between the two rappers. “It’s really internet made-up. I feel like fans and people want to see that happen because it’s really entertaining.  If you ain’t f***ing my man or if you not taking my money from me, you not stopping my money, I don’t give a f*** about you.”

You can listen to Invasion Of Privacy here.