Busta Rhymes Swings — & Misses — On Man Who Calls Him Homophobic Slur

New York, NY – Busta Rhymes squared up with a couple men who called him a homophobic slur — right in front a police ficer. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning (July 10) in New York City after the two men attempted to say “hello” to Busta.

In video obtained by TMZ, Busta is talking to the NYPD ficer as the two men — dressed in reflective construction vests — surround the Hip Hop vet, yelling at him.

One the men calls Busta a “faggot” and that’s when he swings. Although he comes close, Busta fails to make contact with the man. The ficer steps in between them and the video stops.

The two men later filed a harassment report on Busta, claiming he was the aggressor. One the men said Busta told them, “I will fuck you up.” The man also explained he felt threatened and dropped his phone out fear.

Source say police didn’t witness anything the man alleged. Subsequently, there’s no further investigation.

Busta’s anger has gotten the best him before. In January, he was involved in an altercation with a man after he allegedly hit on his wife. Then in October 2017, he got into a heated argument during the REVOLT conference in Miami.

And course, there’s also that infamous Lean Body incident that took place in 2015 at Steel Gym in Chelsea, New York. Busta was charged with assault after he chucked a strawberry flavored protein drink at one the employees.