BriGuel’s Genius Plan to Shake the World Comes to Life With “Red Ropes”

BriGuel has teamed up with BRBRCK on a new-age song with a great message. Brianne

Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern created BriGuel shortly after meeting on the set of a project they were both taking part in. The match made in heaven operate together perfectly, since they share the same vision and look at life in a very unique way.

“Red Ropes” is the ultimate wake up message to a sleeping world, where nothing makes sense anymore. Where negativity has overtaken over everyone’s life and hate has spread all across the globe. The crafty visuals presented in “Red Ropes” will give you the illusion of a mourning period. The main characters are seen dressed all in black and looking straight at a screen that’s showcasing a series of unfortunate events and some very questionable characters.

Nothing and no one is safe anymore. We’re all subject to the hatred, racism, sexism and speciesism coming from our fellow inhabitants. BriGuel’s message is a wake up call to everyone out there turning a blind eye to a sad reality.

BriGuel’s work is always fresh and inspiring. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to learn more about their work and upcoming projects.