Blockhead Returns With Instrumental "Bubble Bath" Album

New York-bred producer Blockhead is back with Bubble Bath, the follow-up to this year’s Free Sweatpants album, which featured MCs such as Aesop Rock and Open Mike Eagle.

But like the majority his extensive catalog, Bubble Bath is soaking in 12 tracks instrumental bliss.

As Blockhead tells implurnt, he “set out to make an album that was made to enjoyed in the comforts a bathtub — be it for relaxing or slitting your wrists. The titles come from some inside jokes or just the mood the song gives me. Like, I take an idea and expand on it until it’s this f shoot abstract idea that original idea.

“As for making this album, making instrumental albums are nothing new to me. It’s just back to that mindset. Working with rappers is easier and more laid back.”

Blockhead’s impressive catalog kicked f in 2004 with Music By Cavelight. Along the way, he’s contributed production to several Aesop Rock’s tracks, including “Fumes” and “Cfee” from Aes’ 2007 None Shall Pass album.

Check out the Bubble Bath album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Blockhead Returns With Instrumental "Bubble Bath" Album
  1. On The Bright Side
  2. Bubble Bath
  3. Spicy Peppercorn
  4. The Magical Intimacy Camel
  5. It’s Not Yet Time For The Percolator
  6. Sugar Daddie’s Lament
  7. Over and Out
  8. Life Support
  9. Moist Ghost
  10. Spa Day With Your Moms
  11. That’s How He Got Dead
  12. Vitamin D Deficiency