‘Black Panther’ Breezes By Other Marvel Superhero Standalone Films

Although the film has been out for over two months, a relatively robust life cycle for Hollywood movies, Black Panther is still shocking the world. In yet another milestone for the Marvel comics adaptation, King T’Challa and the gang’s film has grossed more than Iron Man, Thor, and the first Captain America films combined.

Vox reports :

On Thursday, the movie topped $676 million in the US, a number that surpasses the total theatrical grosses Iron Man ($318 million), Thor ($181 million), and the first Captain America ($177 million) film — combined.

Of course, box fice is only a measure commercial success, and it can be dangerous to equate box fice haul with cinematic greatness. But in the case Black Panther, it’s well earned. It’s a terrific film, one that shatters stereotypes about race and gender in tentpole blockbusters, explores important ideas about black culture and Afruturism, and is a genuinely fun, well-made movie to boot.

So we already know that next week, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman figures prominently in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War saga. But this all but ensures that a sequel standalone film has to be in the works now.

Photo: Marvel/Disney