Birdman and Toni Braxton Hint at Romance on ''Heart Away'' –

For the better part a good while, the true relationship status Birdman and Toni Braxton has remained something a mystery. The two hint at their romance together on "Heart Away," a smooth, London on Da Track-produced cut Braxton let loose just the other day.

The track is a remix  Derez Deshon’s 2017 track “Hardaway.” Birdman and Braxton definitely put their own twist on the song.

Crooning over a velvet combination trap percussion and smooth piano, Braxton addresses her come-up and what appears to be her long-developing life with the Cash Money boss.

“He took my heart away, bad man with good manner/Played me like I was a habit/Middle finger, he could have it/I used to dream livin’ lavish/Now a girl’s a livin’ legend," Braxton sings.

"I got something worth more than money/Go to church, free the birds on Sundays/So much pain, I took you away from it/When I pull up on you I'm stuntin'/You got a bad man feeling good/Got a rich nigga from the hood," Birdman spits, presumably alluding to Braxton.

Birdman and Braxton have been rumored to be an item. As recently as this past October, it was reported that the two were actually married. The alleged couple actually squashed that rumor, though.

Listen to Braxton and Birdman's new track, "Heart Away," below. Check out the Derez Deshonn track that inspired it beneath that.