Big40 x Ripp Flamez – Motivation


When life tosses us in negative or tough times, they say that’s when we learn the most about ourselves. When hip-hop artist Big40 lost his Mom, he used his music and his voice to define just the type man he is!


Meet Curtis Jones, pressionally known as “Big40.” When the phone conversation first started, I was thinking he’s going to reminisce on a situation involving a large, 40oz booze but the 17-year-old break-out star isn’t hipped to inebriation just yet. The Cleveland native raps about his experiences in the rough areas his neighborhood. He references himself to be a sponge with a lot going on around him, as a typical kid, it caused him to pick up on everything happening. Everyone has their vices, some people may be using smoking or even binge eating as an escape but Big40 uses music to mask his reality.


Big40 knows all to well how adversity can be a lightning rod for change as he has suffered major losses in the past with the passing his father as a result suicide in 2011 and then 5 years later his mother was murdered as a result a failed armed robbery while he was working in a recording studio. The determined lyricist used these tragedies to write music that addressed the things he has dealt with.


He’s set to perform alongside Kash Doll on June 2nd at Medusa’s Restaurant and Lounge in Cleveland. Lil Baby, Gunna, and Lucci are just a few the big names he hopes to work with during his journey. Southside 808 is one the few producers we can expect him to work with.


The aspiring 17-year old recently signed with White Boy Entertainment, an independent label also in Cleveland which is headed by former rap star H-Flo who signed to Philthy Rich Records which is owned by boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Flo knew f the rip that Big40 possessed the star-power for success.


Big40 acknowledges that he writes the lyrics to his own chapters as he continues to turn the pages his life. His studio sessions are usually conducted with a producer throwing on a beat and his pen moving from there. He wasn’t afraid to admit that he’s still learning his sound and his voice. He understands success doesn’t come overnight and is willing to put in the hard work to reach new plateaus in his career.


The “Motivation” rapper is looking forward to the different phases life post-adolescence, acknowledging to not having experienced real life. Until then, he mentions having listeners lit in the club, motivated to grind, and a little in their feelings. Cleveland has shaped the story but the youngster describes the sound to be mixed with an Atlanta sound and a bit Miami bounce to it which makes his sound different.


Be sure to check out the latest visual out now and let us know what you think.


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