Ayo and Teo Are Dripping Flavor in "Hold My Sauce" Video –

Rapping and dancing duo Ayo & Teo hit the ground running with their 2017 single "Rolex." Now they are back to prove the initial success was not a fluke. On April 3, they dropped their video for the latest single "Hold My Sauce."

On the new banger, they again link up with "Rolex" producer BL$$D, who also has credits with Future, Young Thug and others under his belt. This banger has less bounce than their breakout single, but still hits hard, as BL$$D utilizes trap drums and an Indian flute. Aye & Teo are in flex mode on the record.

"Hold my sauce/Haters loss/I'm a boss/Diamonds clear like Voss," Teo rhymes on the chorus. "What's the price/Private flights/Outta sight/And I'm dripped up right."

Ayo continues the braggadocio on his verse. "Diamonds, on me, I'm looking like a glacier/Yo main dude, he too broke, he still gotta pay you/Off white, Supreme, I be mixing flavors/My momma, she love me/She still be whipping favors," he raps.

Directed by Rock and Egg, the video is litty, and shows the two rappers turning up in front a variety artificial backgrounds in some interesting outfits. They later bust out some dance moves in a black light-lit dark room.

The "Better Off Alone" rappers were on the road touring for most 2017 and look to solidify their names in the game this year.

Listen to Ayo & Teo's new song "Hold My Sauce" below.