is the baddest woman in the entire world… if we’re not counting , that is. . She ran the risk of potentially having a revealing wardrobe malfunction but everything ended up working out and now, she’s got tons of thirst-trap content to post on social media.

. It’s helped the world invest in Ashanti again after she may have been considered an afterthought in previous years. While her music still isn’t earning crazy numbers, her social uploads are. This weekend, she looked back at the insane get-up by posting a number of photos, showing off the shockingly tiny thong swimsuit and ensuring that even more eyes popped out of their sockets.

“Yeah I’m late with posting sometimes, had a blast… #WhyMyBaithingSuitBottomsDisapperTho,” joked the star in her caption. She’s fully aware that she broke necks at New York Fashion Week and she’s capitalizing on the attention by garnering even more of it. Were you a fan of the look? Check out some photos below.