Ariana Grande Has Cut Off Her Signature Hair

Stop the presses everyone, there is a surprising new improvement in Ariana Grande’s hair. The singer’s world-famous lengthy hair, which hangs down her again in an impossibly straight sheet, is now principally gone. The singer took to Instagram to publicize the mini-makover:

Although not groundbreaking in any sense of the phrase, there’s one factor about it that we are able to say for positive: it is totally different than her previous hair. 

This new minimize has acquired Grande’s followers worrying about two issues. First, how we she put on her trademark excessive pony when she’s solely acquired a bob? She’s so vocal about loving her up-do that it may appear complicated that she’d wish to do away with it:

The second factor is the basic state of affairs that Grande has discovered herself in. You undergo a breakup (that may be very public) and you should present your ex and the world that your transferring on. The easiest method to do that (and the basic selection) is to chop your hair. Grande additionally opted to make a chart-topping single about it.