Alicia Keys Surprises Swizz Beatz With 2019 Aston Martin For His 40th Birthday

Alicia Keys deliberate one thing huge for her companion’s birthday. The singer gifted an unsuspecting Swizz Beatz with the kind of reward most males would get hype for. The producer was stunned with an expensive new journey in celebration of his hitting the massive Four-Zero.

The singer introduced the reward in a ceremonious method, blind-folding her husband earlier than main him to his current, which was not a particular meal at a “ninja restaurant” as he was made to consider. Keys made certain no person blew the shock. She even gave TMZ’s movie crew instructions to remain silent throughout the entire affair.

Being the lover that she is, Alicia ended her calls for with a thanks. 

When the birthday boy noticed his new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, Swizz exclaimed, “Jesus!” He follows up his reward for the Lord with an adlib-like declaration: “Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.” The phrase is repeated with emphasis when a photog asks the fortunate man if he likes the journey.

The worth of entry for this mannequin is $150Okay earlier than any mods so exponential “zooms” sound about proper.

Apparently, the producer beforehand had injured his arm. His first journey within the new whip was a practical one as he headed to a hospital to get his harm checked out.